Friday, September 14, 2012

Welcome Back to P.E.!!

We have been busy in P.E! The first week of school students were already beginning their first unit, while also becoming familiar with class expectations and procedures. Students in grades K-2 worked on spatial awareness and locomotor movements, while grades 3-5 participated in team building activities. Prior to our labor day break, all students were assessed upon completion of the unit. The types of assessments that we utilize in P.E. vary throughout the year depending on the grade level and unit.

Listed below are the ways that our students were assessed for Unit 1:

Kdg/1st- Skill checklist: Students were assessed by the teachers on the following locomotor skills: hopping (dominant/non-dominant foot), galloping, skipping, jumping, running, and side-sliding. This will be used as a pre-test, while we continue to work on these skills throughout the school year. In the spring, we will evaluate these skills again (post-test). Parents will receive feedback on their child's progress.

2nd- Teacher observation of skills: Students should have mastered all locomotor movements by this level. Through various activities the teacher is able to observe and evaluate skill levels. Students that are still having trouble with locomotor movements are identified and provided more one on one instruction.

3rd/4th- Teacher observation of skills: Teachers evaluate student's team building skills and give continuous feedback. Skills such as cooperation and problem solving are a major emphasis throughout this unit.

5th- Group Project: Students worked in groups to create their own game that focused on a unit assigned to them (Example: Throwing/Catching). In addition to creating the game, students had to present the game to other students. Students were able to play the games too. This assessment not only focused on our unit skills, but helped support literacy standards as well.  Students had to complete their packet using proper writing skills, and were also given a rubric to give them an idea of how we were going to grade their projects. Overall, our 5th graders did an awesome job and we just may have some future P.E. teachers here at CWE!

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