As a part of your child’s P.E. program this year, Cogburn Woods Elementary School will take part in the state mandated FITNESSGRAM physical fitness assessment. Students in grades 1-5 will participate in this assessment beginning in March 2013. FITNESSGRAM was selected by the Georgia Department of Education because it measures only those areas of fitness related to the health of students. The areas of health related fitness include: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength/endurance, flexibility and body composition. The following FITNESSGRAM fitness assessments will be used to measure the various areas of health-related fitness:

• PACER (Cardiovascular)

• Push-Up ( Upper Body Strength)

• Body Mass Index (Body Composition)

• Curl-Up (Abdominal Strength)

• Back Saver Sit and Reach (Flexibility)

*Grades 1-3 will only be assessed on Body Composition (test scores reported to the state only) However, students will practice all of the tests, so that they will be better prepared in the future.

*Grades 4-5 will participate in all fitness tests: (test scores reported to both the state/parents)

The FITNESSGRAM assessment does not compare your child to anyone else, nor does it measure skill or athletic performance. Rather, it compares your child to health standards that have been established by researchers as the level of fitness all students should reach in order to attain health benefits.

For more information regarding the FITNESSGRAM assessment, please refer to