Classroom Management Procedures

Kindergarten-2nd grade

Each class can earn 2 stickers everytime they come to P.E.

1 sticker= every student in the class has their tennis shoes
1 sticker= class has done a good job of following our P.E. rules throughout the entire class period

*Reward= The top 2 classes that have the most stickers at the end of the month will earn the "Big Shoes", which will hang outside their classroom door.

3rd-5th grade

Each class is given 5 points everytime they come to P.E. However, they can lose those points throughout the class if they choose not to follow the rules (lose 1 point per infraction). At the end of the class, points are recorded for that particular class period. In addition to their daily points, students can earn bonus points for their class by answering the P.E. question for the week that is posted on this blog.

*Reward= The class (one per grade level) with the most points at the end of the month will earn a prize.

Teachers give out "good choice" tickets to students for various reasons such as...
     -consistently follows the P.E. rules
     -"caught" going out of his/her way to help another student or teacher
     -behavior has improved
     -answers questions related to unit objectives
We do a "good choice" ticket drawing every couple of weeks. If a student's ticket is drawn they will receive a little "treat" from us. :)

Every 9 weeks, our "PE All Stars" will be chosena and recognized for their outstanding behavior in P.E. class. Students that are picked will receive a certificate, have their picture taken which will be posted in the hallway, and their names are announced on the morning announcements.